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Philip McCloud

Director, Principal Statictician, McCloud Consulting Group

Dr Philip McCloud graduated from Flinders University, South Australia, with a BA (Hons) in Mathematical Statistics in 1976, and then completed a Diploma in Computer Science. Philip worked for the South Australian Department of Agriculture and Fisheries as a Biometrician from 1975-1989. Philip's first exposure to clinical trials occurred during this time with a team who developed a prophylactic treatment for Rotavirus diarrhoea.

Philip completed a PhD in 1987 on the Analysis of Categorical Repeated Measurements and Observer Agreement. From 1989 until 1997 Philip lectured in Mathematics and Statistics at Monash University in Melbourne, and was Director of the Statistical Consulting Service. By 1997, the Service had over 200 clients per year from the University research and medical community, Government, Industrial Companies, and worked with 15 Pharma companies.

Philip joined Roche in 1997 as the Site Head of Biometrics, and became Site Head of Pharma Development in 2007. Philip was the Project Statistician for Pegasys in Hepatitis B, and Xeloda in metastatic gastric cancer. Philip played a key role in establishing the Asia-Pacific Regional Studies Program, which has lead to the approval of Xeloda for the treatment of metastatic gastric cancer in Europe and many other countries.

In 2010, Philip established the McCloud Consulting Group.



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