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The BCA program is delivered entirely by distance from a number of universities.

The curriculum is essentially the same across the universities.

The system works a little differently from face-to-face (on-campus) studies delivered by one university.

PLEASE NOTE: a few important things to consider:

  • You will need to apply for admission to one of the 6 participating universities that make up the consortium.

  • Once your application has been accepted, you will be sent an offer, which you need to accept. Then you must enrol at your chosen university.

  • Regardless of university cut-off dates, you should apply to enrol in plently of time for the following semester (and there may be an applications cut-off date at some point in the month preceding the start of semester).
    The program is delivered in a consortium environement and additional administration resulting from this may cause delays. As all units are delivered by distance, it's important that you are ready to roll at the beginning of your first semester.

  • The entry requirements are the same at each participating unversity.
    (Applying to multiple universities will not enhance the the chance of entry at any one university, and may, in fact, cause delays.)

  • The program has a schedule of prerequisites. As you proceed through the prescribed prerequisite units, these qualifications become subsets of each other with an increasing degree of mathematical maturity and rigor required as the level of qualification increases. These prerequisites must be completed, or exemptions/waivers granted, before units that follow in the curriculum table (including electives) are approved. Note that some universities may refer to these as assumed knowledge. In the BCA program, this is equivalent to prerequisites.

    Note that you can enrol in one or two units as "non-award" units, depending on your current academic qualifications.

  • The BCA Coordinating Office facilitates administration between universites. BCA staff liaise between students, unit coordinators and university personnel. You cannot enrol at the BCA but you are very welcome to direct enquiries to us.

  • As part of your application or upon acceptance (whichever applies), in addition to the standard procedures at your chosen university, you may be asked to complete a BCA form. These help us to get you up and running at the start of semester. They are for BCA office use only; they do NOT constitute enrolment in units or courses. Application and subsequent enrolment must be completed at your university of choice.

Once your application has been accepted:

  • You will need to buy textbooks and software where required for your units of study. As you will generally need to make these purchases online and await delivery, you should do this as soon as your application has been accepted.

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About the BCA

How the BCA works (in a nutshell)

How to apply

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