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Back row, from left: Dr Tim Schlub, Dr Ken Beath, Dr Mark Jones, Dr Maurizio Manuguerra, A/Prof Armando Teixeira-Pinto, Prof Andrew Forbes, Prof John Carlin, Prof Lyle Gurrin, Ms Liz Barnes, A/Prof Stephane Heritier
Front row: Ms Emily HIgginson, Prof Annette Dobson, Prof Rory Wolfe, Dr Amy Salter, Dr Michael Waller, Prof Gillian Heller, Prof Gita Mishra, Dr Melinda Protani, Prof Judy Simpson, Ms Erica Jobling

The major BCA committees are the Steering Committee and the Teaching Committees.
Committees meet by teleconference on a regular basis and face-to-face twice yearly.

BCA Steering Committee

  • Responsible for the development, supervision, management and implementation of the Project in accordance with the Business Plan and the BCA Memorandum of Agreement between participating universities.
  • Membership: program coordinatorss from each consortium university (also on Teaching Cmte); Industry representative/s; representative of State Government
    (Chair - A/Prof Gillian Heller)
  • Meets by teleconference bi-monthly (alternatively with Teaching Committee) and face-to-face twice yearly 

    BCA Executive
    : A/Prof Gillian Heller; A/Professor Patrick Kelly; Prof Andrew Forbes

BCA Teaching Committee

  • Responsible for curriculum issues
  • Reports to Steering Committee
  • Membership: program and unit of study coordinators (principal and deputy) from all participating universities; a student representative. Members of this Committee may also be on the Steering Committee.
    (Chair - Prof Andrew Forbes)
  • Meets by teleconference bi-monthly (alternatively with Steering Committee) and face-to-face twice yearly

BCA Advisory Board

  • Membership: prominent industry, government and academic representatives from: DHA; state health departments / hospitals / NGOs; pharmaceutical industry; non-pharmaceutical private sector; statistical Society of Australia; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW); Australian Network of Academic Public Health Institutions (ANAPHI); BCA Steering Committee; NHMRC
    (Chair: Prof David Roder, Cancer Council of South Australia)
  • Meet once a year
  • Provide direction to the BCA Steering Committee including recommendations on major issues including the promotion, development and delivery of the Program.

Other representatives - Steering and Teaching Committees (non-voting)


Erica Jobling


BCA Executive Officer


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