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HOW THE BCA WORKS (in a nutshell)


The BCA program is delivered entirely by distance from a number of universities, so the system works a little differently from face-to-face (on-campus) studies delivered by one university. Note that, regardless of university cut-off dates, early enrolment  for the following semester is strongly recommended.

If you wish to apply to enrol*, you will need to do this at one of the 6 universities that awards the Masters, Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate within the BCA biostatistics postgraduate program. Having enrolled in the university of your choice (your home university), you will pay fees to, receive a transcript, and eventually an award, from that university.

However, during the course of your studies you will receive instruction from academics ranging across the 6 universities comprising the BCA consortium. So although you have enrolled at university A, units of study in any given semester may be delivered by any one of the consortium universities from A to F.

*Note that the University of Melbourne is an affiliated university. Students enrolled at this university will be studying a separate, on-campus program. Students do, however, take at least one core subject and have access to all electives delivered by the BCA (in distance mode).


In order to communicate directly to students and coordinators across the consortium universities the BCA has a coordinating office. Staff at this office collect student information from home universities and compile class lists to send to unit coordinators at the universities from which they are delivered.
Unit coordinators then communicate directly with students enrolled in their units of study*, initially by email and then via the online learning management system (LMS) used by the BCA (called Blackboard).

The BCA office does not replace the postgraduate office at your home university...


The university at which you enrol keeps your official student record.

When you need to enrol or withdraw from units of study, record changes to your personal details or apply for things such as deferral of study, you should do this through the online facility provided to each student at your university – MyUni (University of Sydney); MyUQ (University of Queensland); Student Portal (University of Melbourne); portal (Monash University); myMQ (Macquarie University); and Access Adelaide / MyUni (University of Adelaide)  – or notify the post-graduate student office at your home university. An email will generally suffice.

However, in the distance education environment and, additionally, a consortium setting, where information must be shared across universities, it is important to immediately send contact detail updates to the BCA office and your unit coordinators.

The BCA office has no direct link to student records at each university. Once we receive official enrolment lists from postgraduate offices at home universities, advice that you register at your university will not filter through to us on an ongoing basis. You will need to send an email to unit coordinators and the BCA office, telling them about any changes to your enrolment or contact details. It is particularly important that we know the email address that you regularly use (not necessarily your university provided student email) and current postal address, and any changes to these over the course of your BCA studies.


BCA Office staff are available at all times to answer enquiries.


Program entry and curriculum details can be found here and in the BCA Program Outline.


 *Units of study are called variously, units, subjects, courses or papers at different universities. A unit of study in the BCA program of courses is generally referred to as a unit. Units are one semester in length (with the exception of the Biostatistics Research/Practical Project/Thesis [WPP] at the Masters level, which may comprise more than one unit).  There are two semesters in the academic year, semester one starting in late February or early March and semester two in late July, with a mid-year break between the two.  (People wishing to enrol at the University of Queensland (UQ) please note: UQ calls units of study courses and what they refer to as a unit is half a standard UQ course. So 2 UQ units = 1 UQ course, which is equivalent to one unit of study.)


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