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Applicants for admission to the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master of Biostatistics, or single (non-award) units, should apply to one of the universities that comprise the BCA Consortium and are entitled to 'award' the certificate/diploma/degree*.

Because the program is delivered by 100% distance means across a consoritum, the way the program is structured and delivered is a little different to programs offered within the one universit.
Regardless of university cut-off dates, early application to enrol  for the following semester is strongly recommended.

Following is a summary of things you should know about how the program works.  

Prospective students can apply for admission to courses at the university of their choice (amonst the 6 BCA awarding universities) and each unit of study** within the program is delivered by online distance means from one of 6 participating universities. The program is designed to be studied part-time.

See here for contact details for Awarding Universities***

Applicants should note that most units are associated with co/prerequisites and due to the collaborative nature of the program, some units of study are semester specific whilst others are offered in both semesters. In order to plan your study, it is important to consult the Curriculum Table and Study Schedules in the Program Outline (available to download in Future Students).

Along with the standard eligibility requirements, some universities may prescribe particular mathematical qualifications for enrolment in the Masters degree. If this is the case, successful completion of core units for the Graduate Certificate and Diploma will guarantee compliance and students may be required to enrol in the these and upgrade to the Masters as qualifications are achieved.

NOTE: The BCA requires applicants to have done an introductory statistics course for which they were formally enrolled and assessed; online MOOC exams do not meet this requirement.

Applicants are advised to seek academic advice about their prospective study program from the Program Coordinator at the university in which they wish to enrol (this will become their 'home' university). The program coordinator is the academic at each awarding university responsible for the BCA program of courses in biostatistics. See here for contact details.

The BCA coordinating office: BCA class lists and communication to students

Although applicantions for admission must be directed to consortium universites, BCA office staff are available at all times to help with enquiries.

BCA staff collect enrolment and contact details from postgraduate staff at consortium universites, and compile unit of study* class lists to send to unit coordinators at delivering univesites. They contact students via email (subject lines: BCA - welcome to new students or BCA - welcome to [semester and year]) before the start of each semester with information about how to get started and online acess.

Having recieved class lists, unit of study coordinators contact students on their list via email, generally on the Friday berfore the start of semester, with information about how the unit will be delivered.

Students should have been given access to online unit sites (in Blackboard) by the start of semester, where they will find study materials to read online or download.
As a courtesy, hard copy materials are also sent by post, but tight enrolment windows at universities mean that coordinators are unable to guarantee delivery before study commences.

How the BCA works (in a nutshell) has more information about how the program is delivered by the BCA consortium.

*Entry policies differ across BCA awarding universities. The University of Adelaide, The University of Sydney and The University of Queensland admit to all 3 levels of the degree (Masters, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate); Maquarie University enrols Masters and Graduate Certificate, but students can exit with a Graduate Diploma; Monash University enrols the Masters and Graduate Diploma, but students can exit with a Graduate Certificate.

**Units of study may be called units, subjects, courses or papers at different universites.

***The University of Melbourne is an affilliated university. The course stucture for the graduate Biostatistics courses is full time and on-campus. Most core subjects in the curriculum are delivered on-campus, with the exception of one core subject and all electives, which are delivered through the BCA, via the BCA’s distance delivery mode.


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